27 May 2008

New work!

Memorial Day weekend is historically pretty eventful for me. This year's marks the third year I have lived in Kentucky, since Sierra and I moved here this weekend in 2005. It was a weekend of friends and family, and I spent every day since Thursday night catching up with someone different. We built a fire pit in the yard and tried to remember why we hadn't done it already. We then burned everything in the garage that was garbage and would burn, along with actual wood, and remembered the joy that is setting things on fire (disclaimer: daydream art studios and its representatives are not responsible for any arson as a result of this blog post. Do not burn things without an adult present. If you are an adult, but do not act like one, burn at your own risk). We drank together, cooked out together, and good times were had by all. And, even with all that fun, I still squeezed in some actual new work. I finished a custom painting, finished the outline of a custom tattoo design, and made an kid's craft apron from things I had laying around the house.

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