01 May 2008

Artist of the Week- Jen of wysiwigs

I met Jen through the Fabulous Artistic Moms group I joined last week. Her sense of humour and zany writing is only outdone by her creativeness and clever uses of recycled materials in her art. Her Etsy shop has everything from sketches to origami, and her wittiness and all around great attitude is evident from her shop announcement:

Wysiwigs's Shop Announcement
HELLO and WELCOME! I'm always piddling (a southernism NOT a personal problem :o) with all kinds of ideas so I pretty much have something for everyone!

Many thanks to William for his wondermous (a technical term) photos & attention to detail (I'm so THERE)...thanks to my friend (his wife) Suzanne who doesn't seem to mind being the middle part of an OCD sandwich : ) Definitely counted among my blessings, as is Donna (theinvitation), my priceless Etsybuddy with her gorgeous art. What would I do without them??

I am a paper folding fiend, acronym junkie, and breast cancer survivor (see "CRAAPP" below). Wysiwigs (pronounced whizzywigs) stands for, "What you see is what I've got (smile : )" - My obsession with symmetry & love of art and all things vintage blended together to land me here, where we're (all) deleriously happy. More info above my bio. Feel free to convo me with any questions and be sure to let me know if your purchase is a gift - I'll be happy to make a tag (matching, of course...it's a rule : )

CRAAPP - Cancer Radically Alters A Person's Perspective - Spend enough time looking like Uncle Fester (Addams Family) and you will definitely develop an appreciation for those bad hair days - or any hair days for that matter : ) Have a blessed day! - Jen

See what I mean? My two favorite things from her shop right now are this wonderful, whimsical little sketch:

And this cool origami turned to framed art piece:

Be sure to check out her shop at http://www.wysiwigs.etsy.com/ ! Have a wonderful day, I'm off to enjoy the spring weather....


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