16 May 2008

New work after a crazy week

It has been a crazy week. After a two day long garage sale, which I also set up a "booth" at to shamelessly promote my wares (yep, no venue too small here!), I had a wonderful Mother's Day, and even got to talk to my own mom, which can be hard these days since she's a VERY busy lady and hard to get a hold of! Josh woke up looking like a chipmunk, unfortunately, which meant that Monday was spent at the dentist, watching him get his long overdue wisdom tooth cut out. Now, anyone who knows me, knows I have a iron stomach when it comes to things that gross other people out (CSI, ER?? Bring it on, people!), and I actually enjoy watching things like this. If I was smarter, or liked math more, med school would've been right up my alley. My friend and I were the only two people in my life drawing class that were able to draw cadavors in life drawing in college. Sure, we got high as a kite from formaldehyde, which may have been part of what made that so cool, but I really think that stuff is cool. So it was hard for me to stay out of the dentist's way, but at least he appreciated my enthusiasm (Josh did not!)! Getting back on track though, after playing nurse for three days, I somehow got a migraine (not related, but annoying) that dehabilitated me for the next day. I was feeling so guilty for neglecting my artwork though, that I managed to make some jewelry at least. I have been getting alot of work doing custom work the past few weeks, and am very grateful for the opportunity. So here is a glimpse of the jewelry I have made this week, some custom and some available in my etsy shop:

I also have a few custom paintings and drawings to work on this weekend, and by next week should have some of that to show you! I am very excited, because custom work is my favorite thing to do, ever! Something about being able to take someone else's idea and translate it is very fun and satisfying. So if there's something you're wanting, let me know!! You won't be disapointed! Just a few comments I have gotten lately:

"thanx so much!!So beautiful and well made.told her what colors i liked,she created a ooak awesome bracelet.was going to be a gift,but now i may just keep it!:)thanx again,great seller!" ~Adrienne, OH

"Beautiful work, great communication, lovely person to work with - I'll be back! :) Keep up the beautiful paintings!"~Jess, NE

"Fast shipping and a bea-U-tiful bracelet <3>
"A+++! So easy to deal with & very artistic. I told her my likes & dislikes & she created me a beautiful piece. Loved that she was not only very professional, but was very warm & receptive to me in all our "convos". Highly recommended & will definitely do business with again!"
~Kim, MD

"I received my bracelet today and I am thrilled! Seller was great to work with, very friendly going out of her way to be helpful. Thanks for a great transaction :)"~Debra, DE

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