29 May 2008

New Tattoo

In a perfect world, I would already be an accomplished tattoo artist. Probably partially covered in beautiful, meaningful, colorful tattoos. Of course, in a truly ideal world, I would live next door to a well thought of tattoo parlor, in dire need of an apprentice, that was willing to pay me a six digit salary a year to learn. Ahhh, in a perfect world...

Alas, it cannot be, and my dreams of learning this fine art will have to wait a little longer, In the meantime, I have gotten great joy from listening to some vague, or sometimes very specific, idea someone has for a tattoo they want, and being able to draw the design for them. I may not be able to actually tattoo it yet, but at least its my art. My latest one, for a lovely girl in Minnesota, who was VERY specific about what she wanted:

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