06 January 2009

We got a new dog!

Anyone who knows me knows I can be very impulsive and spontaneous. So to those people, it may come as no surprise that this weekend, when we went to PetSmart to buy a few fish to replace Roger and Larry, our two fish who met their maker shortly before Christmas, we instead came out with a dog. But in all fairness, PetSmart doesn't usually have dogs, unless you count the ones people bring in. So when we were looking for fish and I happened to notice cages all along the back of the store full of dogs, I HAD to go say hi. I mean, looking at all the animals at PetSmart is the closest thing we have to a zoo here. When this little Rat Terrier looked at me through the bars of his little jail, he seemed to say, "please, don't let me stay in the shelter," and later, after learning about his past, "don't let another crazy family take me and be mean to me." Besides, he looks like Lady (except he is alot smaller), and he is the same age too. Oh, and his name is Cubby. It's like it was meant to be!

See? He is little enough to fit in the toy bin! Which he jumped in to bury his bone almost right away. Which, oddly enough, turned out to be a pretty good hiding place for it since it stayed there for two days with two dogs in the house.
I hope everyone else's new year brings them happy surprises too!

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