06 March 2008

April Rain

My new painting, April Rain. Another addition in the mini painting series, this time a color study of cool colors instead of the warm colors I had before. I had difficulty resolving some issues on this one I think, or maybe I wasn't feeling as artistic yesterday. They say you should paint or draw everyday to grow as an artist and stay inspired, but some days that is sure harder than others. Boy, are "they" ever bossy!! On the positive end, though, I have had positive reaction The Grid on my website, and slowly artists from all over the country are emailing me their images to be included. I am very excited!!! If you haven't yet heard about this, consider emailing me (daydreamartist76@yahoo.com) a 100x100 pixel of your art work, photography, etc to be included in this interactive art project. It is starting to get fun to watch it grow, and helps everyone promote their own website or blog because I link the images to your website or blog. You can join even if you don't have a webpage, though!! Check it out!!

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